How App can help you to increase your sales

Pandemics unquestionably affected the world in a variety of ways. It changed how we shop as well as how we behave in general. In addition, the epidemic has ushered in a new era of e-Commerce, driven by lockdowns. Online sales grew by 44% in the US in 2020 due to customers' increased reliance on e-Commerce. And this year...

How AI affects E-commerce Industry

Artificial intelligence is a system or machine that mimics human intelligence to perform tasks & can iteratively improve itself based on the information it collects. It is possible to manifest AI in several ways...

Top technology use for Fintech Industry in 2022- Come let's know something about it

It is expected that fintech will disrupt many aspects of the financial sector shortly. Over the past few years, financial technology companies have experienced phenomenal growth.Around 500,000 people are employed worldwide by fintech companies, which number ...

How can hospital Management software make your system easy?

In a hospital management system, all the information, data, reports, etc., related to the hospital are managed and stored. It performs this function across various domains, including clinical, financial, laboratory, nursing, pharmaceutical, and materials. Moreover, it ensures smooth performance and helps healthcare...

Do you know the top blockchain Development Tools in the IT industry?

Blockchain is a system storing data that makes updating, hacking, or defrauding the procedure more difficult or impossible. With blockchain technology development tools, a source of a digital item can be tracked decentralized, distributed...

Do you know why your brand needs a Mobile Application?

These days, digital media is one of the major players in the business world, especially in a digital and tech-savvy world. Offering your absence is unsuitable for the generation that loves to be online on their smartphone.

What is OTT Platform

OTT stands for Over The Top. It is a platform that uses the Internet as a key media distribution to discover, share, and consume TV content anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Some of the most popular OTT content providers are Netflix...

What is Mobile Marketing and Advertising

With the rapid development of mobile internet technology all over the world, mobile devices are certainly having a lasting impact on the way we communicate with individuals and organizations.

React vs Angular vs Vue JS

Most important questions for any business willing to develop an application is that “which front-end technology (client-side) should they choose?” With so many options for JavaScript frameworks available in the app development sphere

(15 Aug 2019)

Crash Free Android App


Writing a crash free android application is difficult. No matter how extensively we test the application but there will always be a chance of crash. Even the top application on play store crashes. Many times when tester reports crash issue then I say these words "This is not a crash instead it's feature we added by default".

(1 Aug 2019)

Indoor Navigation


Indoor Positioning System is used to locate the user or object inside a building. GPS technology is used for locating user outside, but for indoor positioning currently we are not having a global solution. In this article we will go through few technologies which are most commonly used nowadays for indoor positioning.