Maintenance and Support

We provide support and maintenance packages covering anticipated and unforeseen software problems on various hardware and software.

Difference between Maintenance & Support

What is support for software?

Software maintenance – what is it?

Even though these two concepts are frequently confused, the urgency of each method can be used to distinguish between assistance and maintenance.

Program maintenance is defined as proactive development in adding extra features or triaging low priority "bugs" that don't degrade the software design and user experience. Software support is defined as mending broken software (or "bugs") with reactive development.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance, also known as "bug" care, is the process of fixing user-reported problems in source code.

This sort of software maintenance is the most urgent, yet unlike support, it prioritizes low-priority "bugs" and is typically seen as triaging enhancement requests rather than addressing flaws.

Preventive maintenance

As the name suggests, preventive maintenance is taking preventative actions to guarantee that software keeps functioning as it should.

The goal of preventive maintenance is to lessen the possibility of unexpected impacts caused by changing operating systems and the software's hardware.

Perfective maintenance

Perfective maintenance, which emphasizes iteration, is defined as engineering after delivery to improve the software's functionality and performance.

Perfective maintenance considers the addition of new features based on user suggestions motivated by user feedback.

Adaptive maintenance

The requirement to change code in one area of the software due to external issues in another area of the system defines adaptive maintenance.

When problems arise due to modifications to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business practices of a product, adaptive maintenance is necessary, and updates to the codebase are required.

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