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Best feature and functionality you should have in your travelling agency or business software

Written by Shivam Pandey

The yearly income for the travel and tourism sector is roughly 63% derived from online reservations.

You can handle online bookings effectively with a competent hotel reservation system. By automating reservation procedures, the possibility of human mistakes and financial losses in the hotel industry is decreased.

A simplified booking process also enables hoteliers to give customers a more user-friendly booking experience. While selecting a hotel reservation software, take into account the following factors.

The mechanism for booking hotels online :

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A user-friendly interface that benefits both visitors and employees is a must for an effective hotel reservation system.

The reservation procedure will be greatly facilitated by a practical calendar front-desk perspective. The program must contain a plugin or JavaScript that can be integrated into the website for your hotel. It should also be able to link visitors to a portal or microsite where they can finalize their bookings online.

Without having to navigate through your website, the booking engine should give your visitors all the details they would need, such as rates, packages, hotel kinds, add-ons, inclusions, and other information.

Integration of Internet Payments Gateway :

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Making it easier for customers to make reservations by integrating an online payment option into your hotel reservation system will also assist you in adhering to the terms of your booking/cancellation policy.

Financial information gathered from online reservations has to be automatically recorded in back-end financial reports. By encouraging online payment, you are encouraging customers to adhere to the appropriate social distance standards.

Communicating Automatically :

In the service sector, communication automation has become essential. When making a reservation, guests anticipate receiving a thorough confirmation email.

Email confirmations must be modifiable following the tone and brand identity of the hotel. For instance, if asked, you should be prepared to offer travel advice and details on nearby events and sites.

The scheduling and formatting of these messages should also be supported by your hotel reservation system.

Services Using the Cloud :

Seldom will your hotel personnel be able to spend the entire day in one location. Their work will be simpler and more efficient if they choose an online hotel reservation system that is accessible from a distance. Also, the ability to view data remotely will encourage social seclusion and ensure the safety of your hotel's workers and visitors. Software for booking hotels via the cloud may be accessible from any location, at any time, and using any device (laptop, cell phone, or tablet).

In addition, it is far more secure than conventional on-site systems and easier, cheaper, and to maintain.

Currencies and Languages :

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Customers should be able to make bookings using their preferred language and currency thanks to your hotel booking software. Reservation confirmations made in a certain language should be sent through email or text message in that language as well. This straightforward feature may improve the visitor experience and encourage international reservations at your hotel.

It's also crucial to take different currencies into account. You want to reach a wider audience, and many of your clients will be travelers. Based on the IP address, the ideal booking engine would be able to establish the preferred language and currency automatically.

Discounts and Promotions :

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Offering special promo codes or discounts is a wise course of action if you want to boost sales while maintaining customer satisfaction.

The ability to create and use promotional codes should be provided by an effective hotel reservation system. You should be able to tailor discounts and promotions in addition to offering plain reductions based on the date the booking was made, the customer's loyalty, the kind of booking—corporate or travel agent—or even the season, events, early-bird, or last-minute rates—as well as other factors.


Travelling and Hospitality is a rapidly evolving industry, and new trends are emerging each year. Uncovering these booking technologies provides new insights and stays ahead of the competition by making informed business decisions for the company's future growth.

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