Services for AI & ML

Our AI and machine learning solutions support your company's breakthrough outcomes, growth, and operational efficiency. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are becoming more prevalent important as businesses reinvent themselves in the face of uncertainty and move toward a bright future. However, these businesses frequently lose their prospects of a winning streak with AI-ML due to a lack of expertise, business scalability, and an inability to discover appropriate business use cases.

Use our laser-focused, action-driven approach to implement your bold AI-ML strategies and promote operational excellence and business innovation throughout your organization. For example, with Virtusa's award-winning AI-ML solutions boutique, our clients have saved 30% across business functions.

Repetitive manual tasks are monotonous for humans and cumbersome for businesses. Robotic Process Automation helps businesses in automating processes to achieve cost efficiency, agility, and competitiveness. We are committed to driving enterprise-wide transformation by integrating RPA with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge-based systems.

Automation has been around for decades; however, cloud computing and other innovative technologies enabled the expansion of RPA. Early adopters of robotic process automation experienced a substantial productivity, cost efficiency, and quality benefits. The value delivered by RPA usually begins with the cost and productivity savings achieved by automating repetitive and rules-based processes.

Our highly efficient team of professionals is capable to combine RPA with cognitive methods that emulate human decision-making to enhance the speed and efficiency of the process. In addition to that, we are also experienced to integrate Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Smart Devices in the Robotic Process Automation.

We help enterprises to achieve about 25 to 50% cost savings, to improve accuracy and efficiency of the process execution and to reduce or eliminate human intervention in mundane with our bespoke Robotic Process Automation Services.

Business Process Automation

Leveraging RPA technology, we implement business process automation solutions that are entitled to increase productivity by eradicating bottlenecks and manual interventions. Our business process automation and management solutions improve employee efficiency and business agility by automating data entry, controlling information dissemination, maintaining regulatory compliance and improving consistency and reliability.

Automated Assistant

With differentiated skills of our team, we excel in building Intelligent Virtual Assistants offering intuitive and automated experience through all digital channels to engage users in natural conversation using Voice or Text. We offer high quality yet cost effective Automated Assistant Solutions for all your organizational requirements, data processing, Recruitment processing, appointment scheduling, customer service, chat & email support.

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